Painting of exterior siding

Painting of exterior siding

CertaPro is a professional paint contractor specializing in exterior siding painting on materials such as wood, vinyl and Canexel. We can also paint exterior siding made of sheet metal, galvanized sheet, steel, aluminum and cement. For these sidings, we use a two-component epoxy paint, which is known for its exceptional strength and durability. We work in commercial as well as institutional, industrial or property management.

Exterior siding painting process

Here is our process for exterior coating painting:

  • First, we prepare the siding by high pressure washing of all the surfaces to be painted. To do this, we use a degreaser soap to remove the dirt that is on the siding.
  • If necessary, we scrape and sand the paint that has flaked.
  • We then repair and caulk to protect the siding, if necessary, while repairing damaged holes and other parts.
  • We cover doors and windows as well as all surfaces that can be stained by paint.
  • If necessary we then apply a primer coat to the exterior siding to prepare the surface for the application of the paint.
  • We apply 2 coats of suitable paint to the surface of the exterior siding using a professional paint gun. It’s often possible to do the 2 layers in the same day.
  • After finishing painting your exterior siding, we pick up all of our equipment and clean the premises.

It worth also noting that the soffits, gutters, shutters and other components of your business or professional building can also be painted using the same method.

For industrial buildings, whose exterior siding is often made from iron, aluminum or brick, we select the appropriate type of industrial paint and we use different application techniques depending on the type of siding present. Sometimes on aluminum surfaces we have to sand the rust and apply a rust converter, and then cover it with an alkyd rust paint or two-component epoxy paint. These types of paint are extremely resistant to wear and to inclement weather.

Exterior siding painting in Montreal

For your exterior siding paint projects on your commercial, professional or industrial building, book the services of the CertaPro team for results that will meet your expectations. Our professional painters are available anywhere throughout the island of Montreal. Contact us for a free estimate!

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