Painting in the field of real estate

Painting in the field of real estate

In real estate, when it comes to presenting a property to future buyers, it is important to offer a neat and impeccable appearance. Real estate painting is the essential finishing touch that will give you a clean, bright and colourful look to a home. The client will be charmed by the colour scheme and the quality of the finish of a new paint job.

CertaPro offers painting services in the field of real estate to different types of clients:

  • Contractors wishing to paint the interior of new construction properties (houses, condo buildings or commercial buildings);
  • Residential owners who would like to have their homes repainted for resale;
  • Owners of apartment buildings wishing to refresh their units for rent.

Our team of professional painters is able to give an interior a shine, providing that much sought-after “wow-effect”. For condos or new homes, we are specialists in performing meticulous, precision work. The same goes for properties that need transformation in order to be more easily sold: we prepare the surface carefully (repairing the walls as needed) so that you have a perfect end result.

For your commercial, institutional or industrial new construction, CertaPro uses specialized paints for walls, ceilings, floors and exterior sidings. We choose the appropriate product depending on the type of surface that is to be painted. For concrete or cement floors, indoor parking lots, metal surfaces or other surfaces that require a maximum protective finish, we use a two-component epoxy paint. This paint offers high durability as well as increased resistance to impacts, pressures, wear and tear and pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Painting and real estate: the look that sells

Home-staging (also called a makeover), is a technique that improves the appearance of a property simply by applying a fresh coat of paint with harmonious colours while adding decorative elements that will give a nicer look that helps to sell a property. Painting in real estate is therefore very important since it will often add a decisive element in the purchase process of a property. CertaPro and its team can help staging professionals by painting according to the latest fashionable trends in real estate.

Real estate painting in Montreal: contact CertaPro

Contact the real estate painting professionals for prompt and efficient service. We will give panache to your new construction or to your existing property for sale. Don’t hesitate to call us to ask for a free quote. We welcome contractors from all over the Montreal area.

Doing business with CertaPro ensures quality service, making for a winning collaboration! Trust us in every way: painting in real estate is our specialty!

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