Apartment and condo painting

Apartment and condo painting

Do you own an apartment, condo or multi-floor building that needs to be partially or completely repainted? Entrust the task to the apartment and condo painting professionals in Montreal. CertaPro employs a dynamic, experienced and rigorously trained team to take care of all types of building painting mandates. We offer the services of:

  • Apartment and condo building painting
  • Commercial building painting (senior’s residence, office towers, etc.)
  • Institutional building painting
  • Painting of public service buildings (hospitals, schools, etc.)
  • Painting of industrial buildings (factories or warehouses)
  • Office building painting

For 20 years, our attentive and superior quality service has built our reputation, and, over the years, our customers come back for repeat business with us! Contact us now for any questions about our apartment and condo painting services.

Specialized products for apartment, condo and multi-floor building painting

The painting of apartment, condo, commercial, office, institutional or industrial buildings often requires the use of specialized paints for walls, floors, exterior coverings or machinery. CertaPro uses products adapted to each type of surface:

  • Dry fallout paints;
  • Non-slip paints ;
  • High temperature coatings for machinery and industrial equipment;
  • Tracing and marking paint;
  • Rust-proof alkyd paint;
  • Two-component epoxy paint for concrete or cement floors, walls and metal surfaces (interior and exterior).

Two-component epoxy paint for concrete floors, walls and metal surfaces is a widely used type of finish in industrial, commercial and institutional buildings. This type of paint offers high durability as well as increased resistance to impacts, pressure, wear and tear and to chemical spills.

Why choose CertaPro for painting your apartment or condo

Doing business with CertaPro ensures you of an unbeatable quality of service. Here are the advantages that our team offers you for your apartment or condo painting project:

  • 20 years of experience in painting buildings of all kinds
  • Mastery of painting techniques of high-rise buildings
  • Extensive product knowledge
  • CCQ competency card
  • Work that is guaranteed
  • Promptness of work execution
  • Meeting the deadlines
  • Cleanliness assured at the end of the work being done
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Flexible hours
  • Discreet and courteous service

CertaPro: apartment and condo painting in Montreal

Contact the CertaPro team to discuss your apartment or condo painting project in the Montreal area. To repaint your apartment, condo, commercial, office, municipal, institutional or industrial building, we are the specialists! We will offer you results that will exceed your expectations!

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