Building painting

Building painting

The building painting of commercial, office, institutional or industrial buildings often requires the use of specialized paints for walls, floors, exterior siding or machinery. CertaPro uses state-of-the-art products depending on the type of surface:

  • Dry fallout paints;
  • Non-slip paints;
  • High temperature coatings for machinery and industrial equipment;
  • Tracing and marking paint;
  • Rust-proof alkyd paint;
  • Two-component epoxy paint for concrete or cement floors, walls and metal surfaces (interior and exterior).

Two-component epoxy paint for concrete floors, walls and metal is a type of product widely used for industrial, commercial and institutional constructions. This type of paint offers high durability and resistance to impacts, pressures, wear and to chemical products.

Commercial construction painting

Do you own a commercial establishment and want to improve its image and to bring back its shine? It would be our pleasure to repaint your business in the colours of success! CertaPro guarantees thorough and impeccable building painting services, no matter the type of surface or the complexity of the task at hand.

We master the painting of walls, floors, stairs, railings, windows and ceilings as well as the painting of exterior siding, terraces and roofs. Contact us for more information and for a free quote!

Painting in office building constructions

For property managers or business owners who want a reliable and professional building painting service, CertaPro offers customized office building painting services. If desired, we offer the possibility of repainting your offices and your business spaces during the hours that you are closed, while taking great care to follow your instructions to the letter.

We do the work in an efficient and organized way, carefully planning out our job, and working in a clean and safe manner while taking extreme care not to disturb your facilities or your activities. Contact us for a free quote!

Institutional construction painting

CertaPro offers institutional construction painting services (municipal buildings, theatres, schools, hospitals, early childhood centers and other institutional buildings) in the greater Montreal area. For 20 years now, our team of professional painters have fulfilled various mandates in institutional construction painting.

Our work is done in such a way as not to disturb your professional activities while we are doing the job. Our flexible schedule, combined with our courteous, discreet and prompt service will allow you to benefit from a freshly painted premises in no time at all. On top of this, we master advanced techniques in institutional construction painting of all surfaces (concrete, metal, brick or other materials) and we are properly equipped to paint the highest of buildings.

Industrial construction painting

Our industrial construction painting services (factories or warehouses) have now been offered for 20 years in the greater Montreal area. Our experienced team specializes in the different materials and surfaces to be painted or repainted in an industrial environment and we are equipped to reach the most difficult places to access or the highest heights. We are therefore able to take care of your industrial construction painting project, no matter how large of a task it may be. We will protect your machinery and installations with the utmost care, while making sure to respect the safety instructions to the letter.

Construction painting in Montreal

Contact the CertaPro team for commercial, institutional or industrial construction painting service in the greater Montreal area. We assure you of complete satisfaction and thoughtful and attentive customer service. Ask for your completely free quote and the best advice for your construction painting project. We will gladly answer all of your questions!

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