Building painter in the Plateau Mont-Royal

To paint your commercial or industrial premises, entrust the work to specialized painters!

The best building painter in the Plateau Mont-Royal is a CertaPro painter! Boasting over 25 years of experience in painting businesses and factories, we are the professionals to contact to receive impeccable results. We also paint office or residential buildings, as well as schools, senior residences, municipal buildings, warehouses, commercial garages, etc.

We will travel on site in order to see the dimensions of the surfaces to be painted, then we will offer you a free quote.

Walls, floors, exterior cladding and more!

Does the interior of your business need to be revamped up to date? Our building painters offer magnificent colours which will attract your customers. Your factory or warehouse floor needs to be permanently repainted? We will apply an ultra-strong epoxy paint, in the colour of your choice.

If you need to repaint the exterior cladding of your corporate building in your brand colours, our experts will produce personalized colours using renown paints. Do your industrial surfaces need to be protected by coating that is resistant to rust, high-temperatures and chemical products? We have the protective paint that you need.

Trust in a painter contractor in the Plateau Mont-Royal who will give you the most. Get your free quote today.

Commercial and industrial exterior paint

The CertaPro painters specialize in refurbishing exterior claddings of all kinds, that we cover with a primer and paint specifically adapted to the material.

We first wash the surfaces with a high-pressure gun and a detergent that removes grease and residue. If the coating is peeling, we will sand it and repair the holes and other defects. For metal surfaces, we will sand down the rust and apply a moisture-seal converter.

Before applying the primer and 2 coats of paint with a spray gun, we will cover the windows, doors and business signs. If needed, we will also take the time to paint the soffits, the gutters, the doors, the window borders, the garage doors or any other part of your building.

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Take advantage of our extensive expertise and our competitive prices! Contact the CertaPro building painters for find out more about our services, which are available in the Plateau Mont-Royal district, as well as in all the surrounding areas of the city. You can also receive a free quote with no obligation on your part!

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