Building painter in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Our expertise allows us to choose the paint which will be the most durable for every type of surface to protect.

CertaPro offers building painting services in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and in all of the other districts of the metropolis. We paint the interior and exterior of businesses, factories, office buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, schools, CHSLDs, etc.

By doing business with our company, you are hiring a paint contractor with 25 years of experience and whose team is rigorously trained for each task to be performed. Founded in 1997, our company accredited ensures that the highest level of safety is maintained when performing our work.

Our building painters in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve have their competency cards from the Comission de construction. They perform the work by applying the safety regulations recommended by the CNESST. For painting in high areas (exterior cladding of multi-level buildings, roofs, etc.) we use an aerial platform that we check on a regular basis. In addition, our company holds valid insurances.

The right colours for the interior of your business

We use the best brands of primers and interior paints, such as Sico, Sherwin Williams, Dulux and Benjamin Moore. These manufacturers have created paints with magnificent colours, that resist fading triggered by UV rays, that do no crack and are easy to wash. In addition, they covering power is excellent.

Make your way to the website of these different paint manufacturers in order to select your colours. By uploading a photo of your premises or of your façade to be painted, you will be able to visualize the final result with this or that colour. If you wish to paint your business with specific colours (those of your brand), we can custom design them.

Performance paints for exterior surfaces

To paint the exterior coverings of your business, corporate offices, professional cabinets, factory or commercial warehouse, we use paints that do not deteriorate under the effects of the sun’s UV rays, of ice, of rain and of moisture. Metal surfaces will be resistant to rust that to an anti-corrosion paint.

For exterior coverings of different materials, we use paints that resist the effects of passing time. We clean your exterior walls or your metal roof with a high-pressure gun, while adding a powerful degreasing soap. We will sand if needed, and apply a primer and two coats of paint (with a spray gun).

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Contact the CertaPro team today to find out more about our building painting services in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, or to receive an estimate of the cost of the work. We serve all of the areas of the city as well as the entire region!

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