Industrial painting

Industrial painting

The CertaPro team offers industrial painting services to its customers in the greater Montreal area. Regardless of the scope of the project, our rigorously trained employees will meet all of your requirements and use the appropriate painting techniques for an industrial environment.

To do our job well, we will ensure to:

  • Thoroughly prepare the surfaces to be covered
  • Use the best quality industrial paint, suitable for the surfaces to be covered
  • Protect your material and your installations, equipment and machines
  • Not disturb your production operations
  • Leave your factory clean
  • Respect the job deadlines
  • Provide courteous and attentive service

Our estimators pay close attention to detail in order to offer you a quote that will accurately meet your needs.

Industrial painting: Our specialty

Making your factory or warehouse look professional is our specialty. A clean and well-organized work environment attests to the fact that you are committed to offering quality products. This is where our industrial paint specialists can help you! Our professional painters have the proper equipment to safely reach the high heights of your warehouse or factory. In addition, they comply with workplace safety regulations to the letter.

A little trick of the trade: painting your factory or warehouse with very light colours will increase the brightness and it will allow you to work safely and with more ease, all while you save in your energy costs! A white industrial paint is therefore an excellent choice to make.

Industrial paint: two-component epoxy

Two-component epoxy paint is widely used in industrial environments to cover the majority of surfaces. It is extremely shock resistant, resistant to impact and abrasion, to heavy pedestrian and to vehicular traffic, and to chemical spills and stagnant water. It is used on floors and also on interior and exterior metal surfaces, for covering walls, tanks, machinery, etc.

Industrial painting: areas to be covered

Here are the areas of your factory or warehouse that we can paint:

  • Ceilings and walls
  • Walls made of concrete blocks or of gyprock
  • Concrete floors
  • Machinery, tanks and equipment
  • Metal surfaces
  • Entrance halls, office spaces, bathrooms, cafeteria
  • Ventilation and heating ducts
  • Safety lines

Our team can paint the inside of your factory or warehouse, as well as the outside. The exterior coverings of industrial buildings are often made of iron, aluminum or of brick. We will choose the appropriate type of industrial paint and use different application techniques depending on the type of covering present. Sometimes on aluminum surfaces, we have to sand away any rust and then apply a rust converter, followed by covering it all with rust-proof paint. For exterior metals, we can also use a two-component epoxy paint.

Industrial painting in Montreal: contact CertaPro

Contact us for a free quote on industrial paint work for your factory or warehouse. We will be happy to answer all of your questions or queries. The CertaPro team has been the leader in industrial painting in Montreal for almost 20 years!

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